Technology built with athletes and their families in mind.

Chris McMahon was a frustrated consumer. As a dad and baseball coach (three sons over 30 seasons), McMahon found locating and booking local practice facilities an extremely arduous and time-consuming task. Chris soon realized he was not alone. Other parents, coaches, and athletes we similarly tired with the industry’s antiquated technologies. From there, the idea for the CAGER Sports, a mobile app that would make it easy to book sports facilities and playing fields, was born. The Cager app now enables parents, coaches, teams, and camps, to quickly and easily schedule lessons and practices, register for events, make payments, pay membership fees, and conduct other transactions seamlessly, online.

Helping Small Businesses Operate and Grow.

What started out as an idea to help make life a bit easier for frustrated parents and coaches has since evolved into a state-of-the-art platform helping sports facility owners across the country to better run their business. The Cager Sports platform provides these small businesses with the back-office support and infrastructure they need to be profitable along with marketing tools aimed at helping their business grow.

Both the Cager Sports Platform, and the App, are helping to connect and simplify communication between athletes and their local sports facilities. In our mind, that’s a win-win.